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I just landed…what should I do??

First of all, welcome to Cancun/Riviera Maya/Mexico! Then, please proceed to the normal processes of all airports. Migration and Customs if you are arriving in an international flight, or directly to baggage claim if you come in a domestic flight.

After that, you will find a lot of people trying to give you advices of touristic information, but what they really want to do is sell shared times, etc. Please keep walking until find shuttles gate. There, will be our agents waiting for you with a nice blue “NOPROBLEM” sign.

Changes in your flights/plans?

The changes are due to customer request or due to airlines changes (delays, flight cancelation, weather, etc.). If you request any changes of your flights or any “customer requested” changes, please let us know once you request such change to your airport (additional charges may apply). If the flight changes due to airline, don’t worry, we are monitoring flight activities, so we will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Cancelation Policy/No shows

If you plan to cancel your trip, please let us know as soon as possible. We have a 48hrs notice policy. If you cancel before 48hrs. prior your arrival, you won´t be charged, after that time, charges may apply.

In case of now show, the hole rate will be applied. No show is…when all people of the flight that you had declared to us as your flight had exit, 15 minutes after that will be considered as no show. If your trip is not from the airport, a no show will be considered 15 minutes after the requested pick up time.

Payment policy

The best way is to pay online (Paypal) while you make your reservation. Also, we accept payments in cash (dollars and Mexican pesos), please ask for the exchange rate.

Does the rates are related to number of passengers?

Yes, even though all our transportation is private, the rates are related to number of seats occupied, due to combustible consumption of more weight and baggage space. So, please we kindly ask to declare the real number of passengers at the time you make the booking.

This is important for charging you the correct amount, but even more important because Federal Authorities ask us to declare number of passenger per trip, so we are able to take only the number of passengers declared on the reservation.<


For each passenger, at no extra cost, the following is accepted on board the vehicle:

  • 1 checked luggage pieces, such as standard suitcases and large duffel bags weighing 50 pounds or less each; and

  • 2 carry-on items, such as purses, laptop cases, briefcases, small suitcases, and backpacks.

For larger items, please inform at the reservation moment.

If you are carrying valuable, priceless items of even prescription drugs, please do not place them in your luggage and bring them with you all the time during the trip.

I don’t find my destination on the booking process

If your hotel/condo name does not appear in our list, please refer to the zones on what your destination is. In that case, you will able to complete your reservation.

If you still can´t find your destination, please select the “I can´t find my hotel/condo” button and detail for us your destination, in order that we can process your requests and get back to you to complete your booking.

Basic Rules you should know before traveling with us

1. All our transportation have a smoke free policy.

2. Pets are allowed with prior notice and always on its transportation carrier.

3. Special items (sports/music instruments/large volume baggage) are accepted with prior notification.

4. NoProblem México S.A. de C.V. is not responsible for lost articles leaved at our vehicles.

5. Any tip will be truthly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Time/Distance Table of the zone

Traveling in Group?

Groups are considered more than 8 people. For groups rates/booking, pleased contact us to arrange the best option for booking.

Any other doubt/question?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We have chat, e-mail, WhatsApp and telephone channels waiting for you to solve any further question/concern.

Also, reading our terms and conditions, may help to solve your doubts.